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ARKANSAS: Creativity & Teamwork

The “bear” necessities of life!

ARDI is proud to share the pin and t-shirt design for this season. Our pin set this year is inspired by Whitaker Point / Hawksbill Crag.  The t-shirt underlines the point that Creativity and Teamwork are just a few of the “bear” necessities of life here in Arkansas DI.  Take a good hard look at Whitaker Point… can you see the bear’s head?

Due to COVID-19 and back by populate demand, we’ll be offering the ARDI Bears set again this year for purchase and trading.  If there is an in person Global Finals, we may add a new “exclusive” 2021 pin to the set.

To find out all about Whitaker Point Trail, click here.

To get your exclusive ARDI Trading Pins & T-Shirts submit an order through your Team Manager or purchase at Regional or State Tournaments.

Team Managers: Place your orders by logging into and selecting the ARDI T-Shirts & Pins: Order Now for Regionals & State “tournament” link.

Click Here: ARDI T-Shirts & Pins: Order Now. 

For step-by-step ordering instructions, click here.

ARDI 2021 Pins

Pin set includes 5 Arkansas bear pins, 3 scenic pins that together to form the “standing mama bear”, and 2 baby bear pins.  $15 per set (includes all 5 pins) 


*Designed by ARDI Alumni, Will Ratliff & Officially DI Licensed Pin Vendor, Elizabeth Flores

ARDI 2020-2021 T-Shirt 

T-shirts are $15 each, sizes 2x and 3x are $18 each.

Back – Close-Up


*Designed by Student Friend of ARDI, inspired by PIN designs and theme

Team Managers – Submit your order on Select ARDI T-Shirts & Pins: Order Now.

If you are an Arkansas DI Supporter, Parent or Volunteer, you may submit your order directly to Christine by sending an email to

(Out of state orders will not be accepted. We look forward to trading with you at Global Finals.)

ARDI Sales will be accepting Credit Cards for the 2019-2020 Season!

PINS will be sold at all ARDI tournaments. Pre-Orders for teams will also be taken prior to tournaments and Global Finals.

T-SHIRT will be sold at all ARDI tournaments. We have limited quantities in stock. To be guaranteed a t-shirt, please order early.



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