ARDI Training

Team Manager Training

  • Weekly Webinar Series
    • We are pleased to introduce the new ARDI Fall Webinar Series especially designed for Team Managers.  The ultimate goal of this training is to help you lead successful teams by leveraging the experience of seasoned veterans.  The series is will provide you with practical techniques that you can use throughout the season to keep you stress free and help the students maximize their learning throughout their DI journey. Check out topics and details here.
  • Team Meeting Visits
    • This year we are offering a special mentoring program where any team manager may sign-up to have an experienced team manager/challenge master/training director attend your team meeting as a guest. During this session, you can get hands on advice for you and your team.  Our experienced volunteers will provide you with all the tips you need to lead a successful team, without interference, of course.
    • Schedule your visit today!
  • In Person Events – Check out the Events page for any upcoming training events or seminars. More may be added throughout the season so check back often.
  • DI University – In 2017, DIHQ introduced online training. TM’s who have claimed their team numbers will receive an email invitation to register for the training system.
  • To Login to the Learning Management System (LMS), click here.
  • Team Manager Courses:
    • Getting Started as a Team Manager
    • Rules of the Road
    • Understanding Interference
    • The Roles of a Team Manager webinar
    • Tournament Travel Guide (A.K.A. What to expect on tournament day)
    • Plus, Understanding the Challenge, one for each Challenge
    • Team Manager Certification

    Each year, you can earn your Team Manager Certification badge by taking the TM courses and passing an exam.  Team Managers who earn their certification will receive special recognition at the Arkansas Regional Tournament.

    If you haven’t received your invitation or you need it to be resent, please contact

    Technology note: If you are using Google Chrome to access the LMS, you will need to enable Flash to view the training. Open the Chrome browser settings and click the advanced options at the bottom of the page. Under the Content settings, enable Flash and turn off the “Ask me” button.

Appraiser Training – REQUIREMENTS

  • All Appraiser volunteers are required to take the Online DI University courses outlined below and attend your challenge specific training webinar. NEW Appraisers are also required to attend 1 in-person training session.
    • These training events are critical to making sure you have all the latest and greatest information and are prepared to have an AWESOME tournament for the ARDI participants.
  • Online DI UniversityLog in here.
  • Challenge Specific Training – Available online and will be available via webinars with your Challenge Master. Specific dates and times will be provided by your Challenge Master.
  • In Person Training Options
    • Creativity Day – This is an in person training where you get to see Instant Challenge in Action.  See Events page for Date & Location.
    • Appraiser Training Day – This event is an interactive, in person event, where you’ll learn the details about Appraising at Arkansas tournaments.  You’ll get hands on practice and meet your Challenge Master.

Challenge Master Training – REQUIREMENTS


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