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ARDI News September 2019

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Season!
ARDI would like to focus this year on “leveling-up” the affiliate DI experience!  What does this mean:

·         We will offer DI to more students than ever before.

·         We will offer Team Managers and coordinators more support.

·         We will work to surprise and delight volunteers and students alike throughout the season right here in Arkansas.

If you have ideas, we’d love to hear them!  Just drop us an email at or give Christine a call at 815-878-2597.  You can also reach out to your school coordinators to provide feedback.

Season Kick-off Meetings / Awareness Nights
Each year ARDI offers to attend or present materials about DI.  We have volunteers and alumni versed in all things DI to share information with your schools, administrators, parents, students, team managers, and other volunteers.

We currently have events scheduled with Greenbrier and Bryant and are working with the Little Rock School District to schedule their event(s).

If you would like to schedule a customized “All About DI” meeting, just let us know and we’ll set-up time with you.

ARDI Webinars will be offered Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Webinars will be recorded.  The series of topics will be offered 2 times in the fall:

Series 1: 9/3 through 10/10

Series 2: 10/15 through 12/3

For a list of topics, dates, times, please check out our Team Manager Webinar page.

Team Manager Certification is available online through DI Training. Training as been updated for this season.  So, even if you’ve taken the courses in the past, you’ll learn new things relevant for this season. To Login to the Learning Management System (LMS), click here.

Team Meeting Visits are available to any team manager may sign-up to have an experienced team manager/challenge master/training director attend your team meeting as a guest. During this session, you can get hands on advice for you and your team.  Our experienced volunteers will provide you with all the tips you need to lead a successful team, without interference, of course.

New Team Success Program is new this year. Essentially, it is a mentoring program for new team managers. New Team Managers will be assigned a specific experienced DI volunteer to help guide you throughout your season. That person will be your GOTO resource for all your DI questions. In addition, a check list has been developed to help guide you through the season.  For those experienced Team Managers out there that would like to volunteer as a mentor, let us know and we’ll connect you with a New Team.  (If you’re already doing this within our own school district, reach out to us at and we’ll arm you with the check-list and sign you up as an official DI mentor.)

You may have read DIHQ’s blog about our new DI Youth Protection Policy. If not, you can find the blog post here.  As an organization that provides programs and events for youth, the commitment to safety is a top priority for Destination Imagination (DI) and we strive to provide every team member with the safest possible experience. In Arkansas, we believe this is extremely important and will be adopting the policies set forth in the DI Policy. Specifics for the Arkansas Destination Imagination Policies will be published by the end of September. I think you can agree that the protection of our children is a priceless endeavor!

As part of the new policy, like many volunteer organizations, ARDI will be requiring Board of Directors, Challenge Masters, Program Officials, Team Coordinators and Team Managers to undergo annual background checks.  This year, the background checks will be performed at NO EXPENSE to our volunteers. We are in the final stages of selecting a background check provider. I can assure you that the vendors we are currently evaluating are easy to use and very quick… It’s all an online process which will require very little of your time. I know it is just one more thing we need to do as volunteers, but it is paramount to ensuring the safety of our children.

I would like to personal ly thank you for being a part of an organization that invests time and energy into the future generation with such passion.

DI’s vision is to inspire and equip participants to achieve anything they can imagine in life!  Thank you for being part of that vision!

 DI is focused on helping affiliates stay relevant in a world where students have more opportunities than they have ever had before. We need students to embrace the Destination Imagination educational experience…Strike that… Students need Destination Imagination.  It will set them apart from their peers when planning for a future we haven’t even imagined. 

Here’s to an awesome year!  Thank you for taking the ride with us!


 Christine Symons, Affiliate Director

November 2018 Update

I’m thankful this week for many things, but chief among them is that I get to work with such a great group of dedicated volunteers within the Destination Imagination organization.
Below are just a few updates and upcoming activities:
Creativity Day Registration is now OPEN on the ARDI website.  Deadline for registration is Jan 11th.  Get your registration done before Christmas break so you aren’t rushing after the Christmas break.  Creativity Day is January 19, 2019.
ARDI Registration deadline is December 21st, 2018.  Registration details and instructions can be found here.
ARDI BLOG has been started to help you keep current with ARDI Important Information.  If you’ve missed an email, just check-out the Blog entries on the ARDI website.  We’ll be posting the content from the emails in the blog.
ARDI Pins 2018-2019 Preview – A preview of this season’s pins are posted on our website.  We are very excited to share the concepts with you. We are also asking for any feedback and a general estimate on how many sets you would be interested in.  We’ll use your feedback to make final adjustments and finalize the initial quantity we order. Check ’em out here.

ARDI Accessing your Materials & Registering your Team

Thank you so much for volunteering for Arkansas Destination Imagination this year!

Let’s get started!

Now that you have your team number, you may access all of the program materials on the DI website and register your team for Arkansas tournaments.

To access program materials: Login to your DI account on and navigate to the Resource Area.

Detailed instructions can be found here:

To Register for Arkansas Tournaments, please follow instructions on the ARDI website at the following link:

To help teams decide which challenge to select, you may use a variety of resources:

  • Challenge Preview Videos
  • First Look Document
  • Team exercises in the RoadMap

The Arkansas deadline for Registering is December 21, 2018.  Registration instructions can be found on the ARDI website at the following link:

Good luck and have a fantastic season!!

3M, Duct Tape & Destination Imagination

At Destination Imagination, we rely on a strong network of sponsors to help us continue our mission to teach the creative process to students in a variety of subjects, including STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), the arts and service learning. The success of our program and Global Finals event each year has been due in part to a history of great sponsors and partners.

Paul Hansen, Marketing Director for 3M (our strategic sponsor), discusses why Destination Imagination and 3M have a perfect marriage of values, including creativity and innovation.


Visit our main site to watch more sponsor video:

Global Finals 2013 Opening Ceremony

Destination Imagination teams that advance past regional and state/country (Affiliate) tournaments are invited to participate in Global Finals—the world’s largest celebration of creativity.
Global Finals is the culminating event of every Destination Imagination season. In May, more than 1,200 teams from 45 US states, 7 Canadian provinces and 13 countries gather in Knoxville, TN to showcase their Challenge solutions. More than 16,000 people attend Global Finals to celebrate creativity and have fun.

Watch the video below to see the excitement at Global Finals 2013 Opening Ceremony.

Save the Date For Global Finals 2014: May 21-25 – Knoxville, TN

We expect Global Finals 2014 to be the largest Global Finals in history. In addition to the tournament, the scheduled festivities include the 3M Duct Tape Costume Ball, High School and College Graduation, the International Passport Party and the Innovation EXPO. Some of the other popular exhibitors at last year’s event included NASA, National Geographic, Nascar, ThinkFun, DataWind and CitiBlocs.

Visit our main site to watch more videos from Global Finals 2013: