Volunteer Opportunities

Destination Imagination is a volunteer-run organization, so we depend heavily on the efforts and energy of our volunteers around the world. There are a variety of options, with varying degrees of time commitments. Some of our key roles are:

  • Affiliate Director: Manages the organization and serves as the liaison between Arkansas and Destination Imagination, Inc.
  • Board of Director: Set strategy for Arkansas Destination Imagination.
  • For more information about our Affiliate Director and Board of Director roles, please see our job posting on Volunteer Match:

Volunteer Match Job Opportunity Posting

  • Team Manager: In this role, you can mentor the kids on a Destination Imagination team. You’ll help them as they make friends, build friendships, solve Challenges and work through the season.
  • Tournament Official: As an Official, you can play a part in bringing a Destination Imagination tournament to life. Your role might be to appraise teams, to help in the score room or to usher teams to their sites. This role is typically over in a weekend.
  • Regional Director: Dedicated volunteers who coordinate Destination Imagination activities for a specific geographic area.

These are just a few of the roles available. If you’re interested in being a part of the Destination Imagination program, please contact us.

Training for volunteers is available here.

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