November 2018 Update

I’m thankful this week for many things, but chief among them is that I get to work with such a great group of dedicated volunteers within the Destination Imagination organization.
Below are just a few updates and upcoming activities:
Creativity Day Registration is now OPEN on the ARDI website.  Deadline for registration is Jan 11th.  Get your registration done before Christmas break so you aren’t rushing after the Christmas break.  Creativity Day is January 19, 2019.
Details and registration form:
ARDI Registration deadline is December 21st, 2018.  Registration details and instructions can be found here.
ARDI BLOG has been started to help you keep current with ARDI Important Information.  If you’ve missed an email, just check-out the Blog entries on the ARDI website.  We’ll be posting the content from the emails in the blog.
ARDI Pins 2018-2019 Preview – A preview of this season’s pins are posted on our website.  We are very excited to share the concepts with you. We are also asking for any feedback and a general estimate on how many sets you would be interested in.  We’ll use your feedback to make final adjustments and finalize the initial quantity we order. Check ’em out here.

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