Start a Team

DI is back to solving challenges in person this season!

This year, Arkansas Destination Imagination will be offering up to 50 FREE team numbers (details below) with a limit of 10 Teams per school district.  Purchases of these free team numbers must be completed before Oct 29, 2021.

To get your FREE team numbers, contact Christine at and she’ll make the purchase and provide your team numbers and instructions for Team Manager Background Checks.

For the traditional in person challenge experience, you can find information below on the current season:
Cost of Materials: $110
Cost of Arkansas Registration: $100
Cost of Background Check: $40 per team manager*
Total Cost: ZERO for the first 10 teams + 1 Team Manager per team for your district

* Background check waivers are available at the district level. Once you have team numbers, you’ll be able login and download the background check waiver.

If you’re not able to participate in the in person DI program, consider the new virtual option below:
DI will also have a new offering managed at the corporate level that is 100% virtual for those teams that would like to remain virtual or just like an extra DI experience.  It’s called Digital Open! It is a 6 week program that will begin October 1st and wrap up in December.  Details can be found at the link below: (

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