ARDI Virtual Updates

A Note from Christine…
I am deeply saddened by the abrupt ending of our DI season due to COVID-19, however, with each passing day there are new opportunities to practice your creativity and innovation as you learn to do school online or interact via social media with friends and family. With this week being our “Spring Break” here in Arkansas, when many of you would have traveled, I challenge you to find a way to take your family on an adventure (while practicing “social distancing”, of course).

·         Go for a walk … on the moon.

·         Take a virtual vacation (We’ve been making meals from various countries, including Germany, France, Italy, and Mexico.)

·         Visit a museum in each of the locations you visit

·         Turn your living room into a camp ground

·         My niece in Illinois has set-up her “weather pod” and is having a sleep over with her stuffed animals. (She’s 8 years old.)

When things are so uncertain, we can find comfort in community.  We have a marvelous ARDI Community! I hope that you can take a few minutes each day and practice Service Learning and find a way to help someone in their time of need.

Some ideas: Make masks for your local hospital or doctor’s office. Tutor a student that is struggling with online learning. Reach out to a friend and have a phone or video chat. Reach out to your local nursing homes (call them) and see what they might need. Offer to grocery shop for an elderly neighbor.

For those of you missing DI, we’ve planned a few virtual activities that we’ll be announcing below.  Join in the fun….

ARDI News & Things to Do…
While we wait to hear exactly what this new virtual Global Finals event will be like this year, I thought we could have a little fun to stay connected as an ARDI Community.


1)    Online Virtual Team Meetings

2)    Volunteer to help Plan ARDI 2020 Celebration Event

3)    Purchase your ARDI 2020 Pins & T-Shirts

4)    Participate in Pin Trading with the Global DI Community (Facebook DI Pin Traders and Collectors Group)

5)    Participate in DIHQ challenges/events posted on the Destination Imagination Facebook and Instagram accounts.

6)    Seniors – Submit your application for $1000 ARDI Scholarship

Online Virtual Team Meetings
If you’d like to get together with your team, to hang-out, practice an instant challenge, or just swap stories, please send an email to with requested date/time.

ARDI will then make available a link for your team to meet via GoToMeeting. ARDI has only one account available so we can only host 1 meeting at a time. However, you can also sign-up for free Zoom meetings if you would prefer to use that platform. Zoom meetings are free for up to 100 participants for 40 minutes. You can schedule these anytime. If you don’t have a Zoom account, you can set-up one at the following link.

ARDI 2020 Celebration Planning
Once life begins to get back to normal, we’re looking to host an ARDI Celebration event. Date/time/location are TBD, but we’d like to start now on planning for the event.  The first session will be held on Thursday 4/2/2020 @ 7:30 pm via GoToMeeting. If you’re interested in joining, please email me at and I’ll send you the meeting login information.

Team Managers, ARDI Students, Parents, Alumni are all invited to participate.

ARDI 2020 Pins & T-Shirts
AD’s across the Globe agree that we will use this year’s pins for next year.

ARDI Pins and T-Shirts purchased for the 2020 season will also be used for the 20-21 season.  We will likely add a pin or two to add to the set next year. We may also add something to the t-shirts.

However, you can still purchase your 2020 pins and/or t-shirt and trade online with the Global DI Community.  The Facebook DI Pin Traders and Collectors Group is actively trading this year’s pins and previous season pins. Check it out!

ARDI Pins & T-Shirts will be available to Arkansas residents through April 25, 2020. If you’d like to order pins or t-shirts, simply send me an email at . I’ll review your order and send you an invoice via PayPal.

Please include how many sets you’d like. If you’re ordering t-shirts, please include the quantity and sizes.

Orders will be packed using gloves. You can choose to pick-up your orders in Greenbrier by contacting me and arranging a time. We will use appropriate Social Distancing strategies for the delivery.  If you would prefer to have me mail the pins/t-shirts, pricing will include shipping.

Pins: $15 per set (5 pins)     Shipping: 1-5 sets, $7:  Shipping: 6-10 sets $12

T-Shirts: $15 each ($18 for 2x or 3x)   Shipping: 1-3 shirts, $5

Other quantities, I’ll check shipping costs with the PO, if needed.

ARDI Scholarship
ARDI will offer a $1000 scholarship to one ARDI high school senior who is a current ARDI team member or volunteer. You’ll find the scholarship application form on the ARDI website at the following link:

or you can go directly to the Google Form:

Submission Deadline: May 15, 2020

Candidate Announcement: July 15, 2020

Note: Payment for the scholarship will be paid directly to the winner’s college for the fall term.

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